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Reference Material and Forms
Highway Occupancy Forms
CS-6 - Pipe Installation Inspection Form
M-945H - Acknowledgment - Reimbursement Obligation for Application Review (Utility)
M-945I - Indemnification Agreement (Utility)
M-945J - Computation Sheet for Highway Restoration Security
M-945K - Highway Restoration and Maintenance Bond (Utility)
M-945L - Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Utility)
M-945R - Resolution
M-945RC - Document Recording Copy
M-945U - Acknowledgement of Additional Restoration Obligation (Utility)
M-945Y - Notice of Dispute
M-945Y2 - Notice of Dispute-HOP Applicant
M-946 - Access Covenant (Driveway)
M-947 - Drainage Release (Driveway)
M-948 - Assignment of Permit or License
M-949A - Utility Sketch - Single Pole Plan (Utility)
M-949B - Utility Sketch - Multi Pole Plan (Utility)
M-949C - Utility Sketch - Surface Opening Plan (Utility)
M-950A - Application for Minimum Use Driveway
M-950AA - Applicant's Authorization for Agent to Apply for HOP
M-950CFO - Consent of Fee Owner
M-950D1 - Deed Fee Simple (No Monetary Consideration)
M-950D2 - Deed of Easement (No Monetary Consideration)
M-950H - Acknowledgment - Reimbursement Obligation for Application Review (Driveway)
M-950IA - Indemnification Agreement (Driveway)
M-950IC - Declaration of Covenant (Use with M-945I & M-950IA, ID, IDW and IFO)
M-950ID - Indemnification - Drainage (Driveway)
M-950IDW - Indemnification - Design Waiver (Driveway)
M-950IFO - Indemnification - Applicant other than fee title holder (Driveway)
M-950K - Obligation Bond (Driveway)
M-950K1 - Blanket Obligation Bond (Driveway)
M-950L - Irrevocable Letter of Credit (Driveway)
M-950MPC - Land Use Questionnaire (Driveway)
M-950R1 - Access Approval Procedure Worksheet and Sample Letter (Driveway)
M-950S - Measuring Driveway Sight Distances (Driveway)
TR-478A - Report on Compaction Density Non-Movement
TR-4276A - Report on Compaction Density by Nuclear Method
Flexible Pavement Restoration, Figure 7-3
Rigid Pavement Restoration, Figure 7-4
Rigid Pavement Restoration, Figure 7-5
Temporary Pavement Restoration, Figure 7-6
Typical Backfill Section, Figure 7-7
Highway Occupancy Regulations and Publications
Chapter 441 - Access to and Occupancy of Highways by Driveways and Local Roads
Chapter 441, August 4, 2018 Amendment
Chapter 459 - Occupancy of Highways by Utilities
SOL 490-21-01 - TIS/TIA Review and HOP Project Application Checklist Revisions (Jan. 19, 2021)
Publication 282 Highway Occupancy Permit Operations Manual
Policies and Procedures for Transportation Impact Studies
Drainage Impact Report Guidelines
HOP Storm Water Facility Guidebook
Minimum Use Driveway Design for Unconventional Well Sites
Publication 312 Guide for Obtaining Minimum Use Driveway Permits
Publication 213 Temporary Traffic Control Guidelines
Publication 72M - Standards for Roadway Construction
TIS/TIA Review Checklist
Applicant Checklist for Low, Medium, & High Volume Driveways and Local Roads HOP Part 1: EPS and Application Requirements
Applicant Checklist for Low, Medium, & High Volume Driveways and Local Roads HOP Part 2: Design and Plans Presentation Requirements